What is YouthSpeak?


YouthSpeak Performance Charity promotes youth mental health and well-being through programming that is 'for youth, by youth’. YouthSpeak provides programming to increase the resiliency of youth facing challenges. Through leadership, training, and sharing personal stories, YouthSpeak empowers youth to build resilience, hope, and coping strategies in challenging times such as now.


YouthSpeak was inspired by the Founder, Una Wright’s personal experience within her family. In amongst many challenges, her son Gavin was one of the first youth speakers sharing his story during their inaugural year, until he died on his 19th birthday in a weather-related car accident – July 18th, 2004. Ten years and two months later her eldest son, Kyle took his own life. He struggled with bipolar disorder for many years.


Giving value and meaning to these challenges is a founding principal behind this work. When a personal story is shared with a message of strength and hope, it empowers others to face their life’s difficulties with greater resilience.

Founder/CEO - Una Wright

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For all youth to be inspired and empowered to live resilient and meaningful lives.



To create important conversations promoting well-being, compassion, and hope, by empowering youth to share personal stories and coping strategies through in-person and online presentations.